Avengers: Endgame. All images © 2019 Marvel Studios.

What’s Chiefeater.com about?

What’s Chiefeater.com about? How will you make money out of this? What’s your end game with this?

Avengers: Endgame. All images © 2019 Marvel Studios.
‘Avengers: Endgame.’ All images © 2019 Marvel Studios.

These are some of the questions I have been asked. And I only have an answer to one of it. 

Chiefeater.com is me coming full circle to where my online endeavour started. Well, maybe not quite full circle but definitely where it concerns food. I started blogging on charkueyteow.com more than 20 years ago. It then became waisikkai.com. And those were really the frontrunner to starting VMO in 2014. I have some collaborators to thank for that and much thanks to Elijah Low (who was brain in crime for so many of my early online playthings), Joey Chiang (who helped build the first site on a Joomla CMS) and Lawrence P’ng (who designed the first waisikkai site and also the cards that I carried then)

Writing in the years that followed were out of necessity and not necessarily out of fun. I was sometimes churning out 10 listings a day on VMO.rocks during it’s early days. My writing was so good that another site copied content from VMO “bulat bulat” to put on theirs. I have a merchant to thank for alerting me to that.

Chiefeater.com is a return to fun in writing. I write for myself and hope that you enjoy it too. The passing of two of my favourite foodies, Anthony Bourdain and Jonathan Goldman, made me question my mortality and prompted me to want to document my food journey. 

I have Riza, my co-conspirator in this, for putting up the site. So if you like the tech development on the site, please give him a shout out.

But I also invite all of you to contribute too. Many of us, regardless of creed or colour, have food as an obsession. I invite you to put that obsession or if you prefer a less strong word, that passion into words so others may be enriched by the pleasures of your palate. 

Can you write a review for a place that has already been written about? Of course! What I like may not be what you like. And there could be many who might resonate with your picking.

Visit and leave your comments on the reviews whether you agree or disagree. 

Register here as a contributor and post up your own review.

Or simply read www.Chiefater.com and Unleash Your Appetite 

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