Michelin Guide Coming to Malaysia

The news that has gripped the local dining scene this week would have been the announcement of the Michelin Guide being launched in Malaysia. You can even hear chefs talking among themselves about it. Some fear that this will cause prices at their favourite food places to go up. Undoubtedly, that will happen, but it would also elevate the recognition of Malaysian cuisine globally.

Just in case you are wondering what are the criteria they use to evaluate whether a restaurant or eatery is worthy of a star, here are their 5 pillars of evaluation.

  1. the quality of ingredients
  2. the master cooking techniques
  3. the harmony of flavours
  4. the personality of the chef as expressed in the plate, and;
  5. the consistency of the food over the years

Michelin inspectors are full time Michelin employees who have undergone rigorous training for at least 2 years with senior inspectors to be schooled in the way that the guide evaluates food. They would also have had previous F&B industry experience and they are already secretly touring KL and Penang to evaluate outlets worthy of a rating.

So I think that answers the question someone asked me whether I was a secret Michelin reviewer.


Bib Gourmand

  • good quality cooking for good value (interestingly were already Malaysian cuisine restaurants overseas that have gained this distinction)

Green Star

  • employs good sustainable practice by using seasonal produce, food waste disposal and recycling

One Star

  • a very good restaurant in its category

Two Stars

  • excellent cooking, worth a detour

Three Stars

  • exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey

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