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Heng Dengkil Lakeside Noodles Curry Mee

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I had been dragged out of bed at 6 am to go a for a walk around Taman Saujana Hijau Putrajaya on the morning of a public holiday. Yes, initially I was very reluctant to get up but since I had already said I was going, I kept to my word. I had a good walk at the park, clocking in a 9 min 32 second per km pace. Not my fastest time but given that it is undulating terrain, it was not bad.

Walk done, we headed to breakfast. I had surveyed the main Dengkil road to see what was along it and came upon Heng Dengkil Lakeside Noodles or Yap Ng Moy on the signboard. The write-ups about it suggested that the proprietors cared about their food and had served it for 40 years. That’s a legacy worth preserving and that was our breakfast destination.

Legacy of Good Food

Heng Dengkil Lakeside Noodles occupies the last store on a short row shop houses on the outer ring of the Medan Selera Dengkil. The signboard which says Yap Ng Moy might throw you off but that’s their store. I wasn’t nosy to ask why the different name. I was just interested in the food.
Heng Dengkil Lakeside Noodles

We were a party of 8 and most of the group ordered the kon low wantan mee. 3 of us decided to buck the trend and ordered the curry mee instead. Me being one of them.
Heng Dengkil Lakeside Noodles

The Food

What I liked about the curry mee is that it’s a curry wantan mee. The curry broth was a good balance of santan and curry flavours. Not overly rich on the coconut milk but still having a nice soupy like broth, without the powdery texture that afflicts some other curry mee. I might have liked the curry to be spicier but that’s quibbling over spice levels. The serving comes with tau foo pok and fried wantan. I liked how the fried wantan soaked in the curry broth.

The best part was really the noodles. The wantan mee in the curry broth was al-dente. Firm to the bite. It is one of the better curry wantan mee noodles I have had. If I have to rate it, this would now rank among in my top 3.
Heng Dengkil Lakeside Noodles

I tried Jen’s kon lou wantan mee and the noodles were similarly al-dente. Personally, I like the curry mee version more than the kon low version. The kon low mee comes with fried pork. Not their best item.

All their noodles are priced at RM7. At that price, the curry mee is a steal.

The Kopi

The other thing I really enjoyed was the kopi. It wasn’t overly sweet. The barista uncle balanced it so that the aroma of the coffee still shone through. A cup of kopi is RM1.70


They weren’t kidding about this. It is beside a small body of water. A pond maybe but GIJoe spotted some crocodiles in it. So don’t soak yourself in it, OK?

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