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The Owls Cafe Sunway Dinner Treat

Post by Chiefeater Chu Boon

Dinner treat at The Owls Cafe Sunway. Had the Thai Basil Rice, Salmon floating on a cloud of fluffy mashed potato, Staple spaghetti, Fried chicken burger, Fries with truffle and the Rebbeca waffle (yes, it has a name),


Editor's Note

Really no need to say much when the pictures do the talking.

The Owls Cafe, a delightful establishment that has captured the hearts of foodies, began its journey in the vibrant neighborhood of Bukit Jalil in Kuala Lumpur. Since its inception, this charming café has experienced remarkable progress and has become a symbol of culinary success.

Starting as a humble venture, The Owls Cafe quickly made a name for itself through its unique concept and delectable offerings. The café's whimsical owl-themed décor, cozy ambiance, and warm hospitality created a welcoming environment that drew patrons from near and far.

Today they have multiple outlets like The Owns Cafe Sunway throughout the Klang Valley, a testament to their business acumen and their good food.

Business Hours
Opens Daily
10:00 am - 10:00 pm

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Prices in RM
RM20 - RM50 per pax


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