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apa yang sedapApa yang sedap di restoran-restoran ini?jenis makananApa jenis makanan yang dijual di restoran-restoran ini?hargaSenarai harga makanandiskaun warga emas dan kanak-kanakAda diskaun dan tawaran untuk warga emas dan kanak-kanak?jam operasiApakah masa beroperasi untuk restoran-restoran ini?lokasiLokasi restoran-restoran ini

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CCM is based in Penang

CCM hails from a family of Foodies and Great Home cooks (late mom, aunties, grandma) where every meal was a feast  and family gathering was a royal banquet, his taste buds well seasoned with multi cultural cuisine his family enjoy in many Malaysian towns. 

He is currently disappointed and abore the “tasteless food”  revolution brought on by a vocal minority.   Thankfully there are those who resist assimilation. 

His current hunting ground is Butterworth, where food is similar yet different from the typical Island norms, with occasion forays back to his familiar hunting ground on the Penang Island.

His favourite food, Obviously Char Koey Teow, with Runny Egg, and Raw Blood Cockles.

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