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Fit My Bowl Eco Botanic Nasi Lemak Poke Bowl

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🌴🌶️🍚 首家全新融合推出 🌴🌶️🍚
Fusion's 1st- Nasi Lemak Poke Bowl
~ 店家将在 8/8-19/8 为期10天
~ 每天送出20碗Mini Nasi Lemak PokeBowl
~ ( 没有低消哦 ) FREE!免费领取 !
Fit my Bowl - Eco Botanic
的PokeBowl & SaladBowl 专卖店
【Fit my Bowl】主打双轻食料理
提倡Plant-Based Lifestyle
还有团队及营养师 🥗 所搭配好计算卡路
Nasi Lemak Pokebowl【使用 Premium
较低的胆固醇含量 . 也被推荐为心脏健康
的超级穀物 🥗 为味蕾奏响绝妙的健康香韵
就在【这个8月份】🔥 全新推出了
早餐系列【Nasi Lemak Poke Bowl系列】!
让你感受到文化的融合和风味的碰撞 🌐
Pokebowl 的悠闲 . Nasi Lemak 的热情
店家早上 9am 就开门营业了 ☕️
是吃Breakfast 早餐的好选择 💯
🥘 早餐 - 主打健康的全麦4款系列
我品尝的是店家推荐的【Sandwiches】Wholemeal Sub-Sandwich【Bagel】
Sesame Plant Power Bagel【7 Grains】
Tuna Mala Meltdown Seven-Grains
Sandwich【Wrap】Nasi Lemak
Wholemeal Fusion Wrap(口感口味都赞)
🥘 Nasi Lemak Poke Bowl有6种不同蛋白
质选项 - 记得搭配店家自制的Sambal酱料
☕️【全新Menu】还能品尝到咖啡 Hot Latte /
Hot Mocha / Hot Cappuccino / Signature
Keto Black 及低卡热巧克力等等(推荐)

First-Ever Fusion Creation

Introducing the 1st Nasi Lemak Poke Bowl at Fit my Bowl Eco Botanic! From 8th to 19th August, for a delightful 10-day period, they will be giving away 20 bowls of Mini Nasi Lemak Poke Bowl daily, absolutely FREE! No minimum spending required!

Fit my Bowl, a well-loved Poke Bowl & Salad Bowl specialty store at Eco Botanic, captivates its customers with their delectable offerings. The restaurant focuses on a dual-light cuisine concept, promoting a Plant-Based Lifestyle 🥬. Here, you'll find a wide selection of protein options, thoughtfully curated by their team and nutritionists, creating low-calorie, low-fat Poke Bowls and Salad Bowls.

Moreover, you have the freedom to CYO (Create Your Own) your favorite healthy culinary Bowls!

The Nasi Lemak Pokebowl, crafted using Premium Basmati rice from India, boasts a low GI (Glycemic Index) and lower cholesterol content. It's hailed as a heart-healthy super grain, tantalizing your taste buds with an exquisite blend of healthful aromas. And now, in this scorching August, they're launching a brand new breakfast series - the Nasi Lemak Poke Bowl series!

Combining the nation's favorite dish, Nasi Lemak, with the essence of healthy Bowls, Fit my Bowl takes you on a cultural fusion journey, where flavors collide and create magic. The leisurely experience of Pokebowl and the fiery passion of Nasi Lemak will grant you an unprecedented gastronomic adventure.

The restaurant opens its doors at 9 am, making it a perfect choice for a wholesome breakfast. Their fresh, all-new menu offers an incredibly diverse selection. For breakfast, they feature four healthful wholemeal options. Personally, I tried their recommended sandwiches - the Wholemeal Sub-Sandwich, Sesame Plant Power Bagel, Tuna Mala Meltdown Seven-Grains Sandwich, and the mouthwatering Nasi Lemak Wholemeal Fusion Wrap (both taste and texture are highly praised).

The Nasi Lemak Poke Bowl offers six different protein options, and don't forget to pair it with their homemade Sambal sauce for an extra kick! In addition to all this, the new menu also includes delightful coffee selections such as Hot Latte, Hot Mocha, Hot Cappuccino, Signature Keto Black, and low-calorie hot chocolate (highly recommended)!

Visit Fit my Bowl at Eco Botanic for this unique and tantalizing Nasi Lemak Poke Bowl experience. Embrace the fusion of cultures and flavors that will undoubtedly excite your taste buds. Enjoy this fantastic culinary adventure!

Business Hours
Friday to Wednesday
09:00 am - 09:00 pm

Closed on Thursday

*however, they state they open at 11 am on Google Maps

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