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ShanQuan Meat Store Tonkatsu

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I discovered this pork-specialty shop, ShanQuan Meat Store in Taman Desa, which offers unique pork dishes from around the world. First, there's the beloved Japanese-style deep-fried pork cutlet, a thick and juicy piece of breaded pork served with shredded cabbage, special sauce, miso soup, and pearl white rice. Then, there's the Taiwanese representation with their braised pork rice, prepared with mountain spring pork, known for its delicious flavor.

Malaysia is represented by Rong Feng Bak Kut Teh, a dish with a 50-year history, known for its unique garlic-infused flavor, served with shiitake mushrooms and white rice. The Bone King Garlic Pork Chop Rice, plus an upgrade to a beverage instead of beer, and the Japanese Curry Pork Rice is priced at only RM9.90. They also make fresh German sausages and dumplings, and there's a limited supply of crispy roasted pork every day! All their dishes use excellent fresh pork sourced from local farms.

Bak Kut Teh

For foodies who enjoy wine after work, they offer special-priced red and white wines starting from RM79.90.

The chef-recommended dish is the Tonkatsu, a thick and hearty Japanese-style deep-fried pork cutlet. It's 3 centimeters thick and weighs 260 grams, offering a generous portion. Served with shredded cabbage, miso soup, and Japanese pearl rice, it's priced at only RM35.80. The pork used here is of excellent local quality, known for its delicious taste!

Note: ShanQuan Meat Store is a specialty store that wholesales high-quality local pork. All the pork is directly supplied from farms to the store, and the pork quality sold here has gained the trust of many chefs.

在吉隆玻 Taman Desa 发现了这家猪肉专卖店里有独特的各国猪肉料理。。



;【日式咖喱猪肉饭只卖RM9.90】;她家的德国香肠和饺子都是新鲜制作的,每天还有限量供应的脆片烧肉哦!这里所以的料理都是采用来自本地农场优良的新鲜猪肉。。 下班后喜欢jio喝红酒


全世界 #猪肉友 的最爱也是厨师推荐的 山泉厚脸皮日式炸猪扒|SQ Cheeky Tonkatsu 有3公分厚度,重量260克,分量十足。。 搭配包菜丝,Miso汤和日本珍珠米饭,只卖 RM35.80。。 这里的猪肉都是采用优良品质的本地猪肉,肉质鲜美!
** 注:【山泉精肉】 是家批发优良本地猪肉的专卖店,所以的猪肉都是由农场直接供应到店里,这里售卖的猪肉品质也得到许多大厨的信任。

Business Hours
Tuesday to Saturday
10:00 am to 10:00 pm

10:00 am to 06:00 pm

Closed on Monday

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