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Westin KL Chinese New Year Buffet

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Westin KL | 位于吉隆坡威斯汀酒店底层的 The Living Room,以一系列象征着财富和繁荣的节日美食迎接龙年。
由酒店中餐主厨 David Poh 精心烹制的农历新年自助餐将提供吉祥菜肴,非常适合与家人和朋友一起欢庆龙年。。还包含无限畅饮生啤酒&葡萄酒哦!让大家吃


2024 年 1 月 3 日至 2 月 22 日期间可供外卖和堂食。
今年农历新年,将推出4种不同的鱼生供食客们抛掷以求发财。鲍鱼鱼生,挪威三文鱼配鲣鱼片鱼生,太平洋蛤蜊“鱼生”以及无肉版本,由天然新鲜水果和蔬菜制成的 Eat Well(水果和蔬菜)鱼生可供选择。




《吃好鱼生 - 新鲜水果和蔬菜》

Westin KL

今年的自助餐一大亮点是主厨 David Poh 的脆皮五香或东方风味熏烤鸭,均搭配松露梅子酱,海鲜酸酱和橙子梅子酱。甜点包括红枣汤圆银耳或热脆红薯芋头年糕。
除了以上中式料理,自助餐还包括 The Living Room 的招牌新鲜冰镇海鲜,寿司吧,意大利面,烧烤,印度料理店和切肉台。

• 自助晚餐,无限畅饮生啤酒,葡萄酒和无酒精饮料
- 每位成人 RM208nett
(下午 6 点至晚上 10点)

• 自助午餐,无限畅饮生啤酒,葡萄酒和无酒精饮料
- 每位成人 RM208nett
(中午 12 点至下午 3 点)
• 自助晚餐,无限畅饮生啤酒,葡萄酒和无酒精饮料
- 每位成人 RM208nett
(下午 6 点至晚上 10点)

• 指定银行卡持有者和万豪俱乐部会员Club Marriott members 可享受15% 的折扣。
• 6岁及以下儿童免费用餐。
• 7岁至12岁儿童仅可享受自助餐50%折扣。
• 乐龄人士(60岁及以上)仅可享受自助餐30%的折扣。

Westin KL

Westin KL

Located on the ground floor of The Westin KL, The Living Room welcomes the Year of the Dragon with a variety of festive dishes symbolizing wealth and prosperity.

Chef David Poh, the hotel's Chinese cuisine head chef, has meticulously prepared a Chinese New Year buffet featuring auspicious dishes, perfect for celebrating the Lunar New Year with family and friends. The buffet also includes free-flowing draught beer and wine to add to the festivities.

Yee Sang Platters

Available for dine-in and takeaway from January 3rd to February 22nd, 2024.
For this Chinese New Year, four different Yee Sang platters are offered for diners to toss for prosperity. Choices include Abalone Yee Sang, Norwegian Salmon with Swordfish Sashimi Yee Sang, Pacific Clam "Yee Sang," and a meatless version made with natural fresh fruits and vegetables called "Eat Well (Fruits and Vegetables) Yee Sang."
Suitable for 6 persons

Abalone Yee Sang
RM338 nett

Norwegian Salmon Swordfish Sashimi Yee Sang
RM238 nett

Prosperity Clam Yee Sang
RM188 nett

Eat Well (Fruits and Vegetables) Yee Sang
RM168 nett

Chinese New Year Buffet

Diners can indulge in a lavish spread of Chinese cuisine, including featured dishes from a rotating menu. Highlights of the festive buffet include Steamed Ginger and Scallion Crab, Braised Green Vegetables and Mushrooms with Abalone Sauce, Wok-Fried Tiger Prawns with Monja Sauce, Braised Seafood Treasures with Black Moss Sauce, Stir-fried Tiger Prawns and XO Sauce with Bamboo Clams, Stir-fried Shrimp with Nine-Layered Basil and Yam Rings, Crispy Vietnamese Cheese Money Bags, Stewed Mushroom Eight Treasure Chicken Thigh, and more, rotating throughout the Chinese New Year period.

In the soup section, diners can enjoy a bowl of piping hot Sichuan Hot and Sour Soup or Dry Mushroom Fish Maw Stew with Black Chicken Soup.

A highlight of this year's buffet is Chef David Poh's Crispy Five-Spice or Oriental-flavored Roast Duck, both served with truffle plum sauce, seafood sour sauce, and orange plum sauce. Desserts include Red Dates Glutinous Rice Balls with Silver Ear or Hot Crispy Sweet Potato and Yam Nian Gao.

In addition to Chinese dishes, the buffet also includes The Living Room's signature fresh chilled seafood, sushi bar, pasta station, barbecue, Indian cuisine, and carving station.

Westin KL

Westin KL

Chinese New Year's Eve
(February 9, 2024, Friday)

Buffet Dinner with Free-Flow Draught Beer, Wine, and Non-Alcoholic Beverages
RM208 nett per adult
(6:00 PM to 10:00 PM)
Chinese New Year Day 1
(February 10, 2024, Saturday)

Buffet Lunch with Free-Flow Draught Beer, Wine, and Non-Alcoholic Beverages
RM208 nett per adult
(12:00 PM to 3:00 PM)

Buffet Dinner with Free-Flow Draught Beer, Wine, and Non-Alcoholic Beverages
RM208 nett per adult
(6:00 PM to 10:00 PM)

15% discount for designated bank cardholders and Marriott Club members.
Children aged 6 and below dine for free.
Children aged 7 to 12 enjoy a 50% discount on the buffet.
Senior citizens (60 and above) enjoy a 30% discount on the buffet.

For reservations and inquiries, guests can contact the restaurant at the WhatsApp link below

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