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Yi Feng Restaurant OUG Chicken Chop

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Yi Feng Restaurant OUG had gotten quite a bit of publicity last year with pictures of diners queuing up to get in. My curiosity finally got the better of me to try out their food, lines notwithstanding. Fortunately, there wasn’t much of queue when I arrived there at about 12:30 pm on a Sunday. I was 3rd in line and seated in less than 10 minutes. They have an orderly system. The senior gentleman in front will give you a number and a menu for you to browse as you wait. Once it’s your turn, they will call your number and direct you to your assigned table. Ok, it’s more like instruct you on which table to go to. Not fine dining lah, don’t expect them to walk you to your table.

The moment I saw Hainanese Chicken Chop on the menu, I knew what I was going to order. Jen had the 2 meat option with the rice. A broiled chicken and siew yoke (roast pork). We also ordered a side of spicy wantan.

The Chicken Chop and its condiments filled up the whole plate it was served on. The chicken was a good size and thick. The fries were decent and they were generous with the sauce. The sauce that came with the chicken chop was a more tomato flavoured sauce.If that is your preference then this would be to your liking. I didn’t think the salad complemented the dish well. It felt like it was put there so that they could make the plate look full. The texture of the chicken was slightly mushy though.
Yi Feng Restaurant

The chicken and siew yoke rice was competent. The broiled chicken was seasoned well. The roast pork, however, was too fatty for Jen’s liking though it did taste good.
Yi Feng Restaurant

I liked the taste of the spicy wantan. It had a slight mala flavour to give a tinge of that tingling sensation. However, what I did not quite like was the texture. The meat was diced and the wantan was held together with quite a bit of starch. Not what I like in my wantan as I don’t get a firm bite.

The Winner

What I did really like though was the salted coffee. Aromatic with the sweetness balanced by the slight saltiness.

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