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Burger and Lobster KLCC Mayfair Burger

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The Mayfair Burger at Burger and Lobster KLCC was a visual treat, well-presented and appetizing. I opted for a medium-done burger, and it delivered in terms of flavour and juiciness. The beef patty was cooked to perfection, juicy, and thoughtfully seasoned to enhance its taste. The sesame seed topping on the bun added a pleasant crunch and texture to each bite, enhancing the overall burger experience.
Burger and Lobster KLCC

However, there was an interesting occurrence with the bottom half of the bun. It disintegrated as I was trying to consume the burger. When I inquired about this with the waitress, her explanation shed light as to how I should order burgers the next time. She suggested that because The Mayfair did not have cheese under the patty had allowed the burger's juices to be absorbed by the bun, causing it to lose its structural integrity.
Burger and Lobster KLCC

This explanation, while unconventional, actually made sense. Cheese, commonly found beneath the patty in many burgers, does serve as a moisture barrier, preventing the bun from becoming overly soggy due to the meat's juices. The waitress's suggestion was a thoughtful one, highlighting the importance of cheese in the burger assembly process.

Despite the unexpected bun disintegration, the Mayfair Burger was a flavorful and enjoyable affair, with a juicy and well-seasoned beef patty that stole the show. The sesame-seeded bun, while facing a structural challenge, contributed positively to the burger's overall texture and taste.
Burger and Lobster KLCC

Look at the meat.
Burger and Lobster KLCC

However at RM68++ for a burger, this is certainly not your average burger. Fries comes in at an extra RM15++. Come prepared to have your wallet bitten into even while you sink your teeth in to this burger at Burger and Lobster KLCC.

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