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Charcoal Grill & Kitchen Thai BBQ Buffet

Post by Chiefeater Tai Carol

!RM68 nett 泰式烧烤 BBQ !
!儿童1-6岁 FREE 没有收费 !
Charcoal Grill & Kitchen
【Charcoal Grill & Kitchen】
~ 在这个8月份有促销啊!!
每位人头只需要【RM68 nett】
就可以实现吃肉肉🥩海鲜🦐的快乐 !
✔️ 任点任吃 ✔️ 无限时 ✔️ 无需TopUp
✔️ 还有零食 & 冰淇淋无限任吃 !!
这是一家【使用碳火】的泰式烧烤 BBQ
店家下午3pm就开门营业了 . 每次接近
傍晚用餐时间就差不多人潮满满了 ~
♨️ 我特别喜欢碳火烧烤出来的食物 ♨️
炭香味保留在烤肉上 特别美味
这里有室内冷气用餐 & 户外用餐空间
可以品尝到牛肉 . 羊肉 . 猪肉 . 鸡肉
5种不同泰国料理口味 🔥🔥 4种独家
还有海鲜🦐贝类 . 蔬菜 🥬 菇类等等
而且【Unlimited 无限 Refill 吃到饱饱】
* 只要你吃的完点上满满一桌都可以 *
~ 我来好好来享受一下这个优惠 ~

✔️ RM68 nett (成人)
✔️ RM35 nett(儿童 7-12岁)
✔️ RM35 nett (乐龄人士 65岁以上)
✔️ FREE 免费品尝 (儿童 1-6 岁)

Charcoal Grill & Kitchen

Charcoal Grill & Kitchen

Charcoal Grill & Kitchen

RM68 nett Thai BBQ at Charcoal Grill & Kitchen. Children aged 1-6 eat for FREE, no charges!This popular Thai BBQ restaurant, Charcoal Grill & Kitchen, located in Taman Pelangi, is creating a buzz lately. And guess what, they have a promotion this August! For just RM68 nett per person, you can indulge in the joy of meat and seafood.

✔️ Order as much as you want
✔️ Unlimited time
✔️ No need for top-ups
✔️ Unlimited snacks & ice cream

Using charcoal as the fire source, this Thai BBQ joint brings a unique flavour to the dishes. It's at the corner of Taman Pelangi (you can't miss it when you pass by). The restaurant opens its doors at 3 pm, and by the evening, it's usually packed with eager diners.

Personally, I love the smoky flavour that charcoal grilling imparts on the food. The aroma of the charcoal infuses the meat, making it particularly delicious.

They offer both indoor air-conditioned seating and outdoor dining spaces. With the recent upgrade in smoke extraction, you need not worry about the smell of oil fumes.

The sauces, prepared by authentic Thai chefs, are what truly elevate the experience. You can taste the essence of Thailand in the marinades for beef, lamb, pork, and chicken, with five different Thai flavours. The four exclusive sauces, designed to complement the meats, are an absolute must-try.

Seafood , shellfish, vegetables, mushrooms, and more are available, and the best part is, it's all unlimited. You can keep refilling your table as long as you can eat.

So, why not enjoy the pleasure of grilling your own meat and indulging in an all-you-can-eat experience at the same time? I'm definitely going to make the most of this promotion!


- RM68 nett per adult
- RM35 nett per senior citizen, aged 65 years and above
- RM35 nett per child, aged 7 to 12 years
- FREE for children below the age of 6

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Business Hours
Opens Daily
04:00 pm - 12:00 am

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