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Ground Eatery Chicken Nanban

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Ground Eatery Puchong has always been a go-to makan place for me, especially for their scrumptious Hainanese chicken chop. However, today, I decided to rock my own boat and try something different from their set lunch options - the Chicken Nanban which is a new addition to their menu. And what a delightful surprise it turned out to be!

The Chicken Nanban was a real treat for the taste buds. A perfectly fried piece of deboned chicken, topped with a medley of diced eggs in a tangy sauce that brought out a burst of flavours beautifully. The combination of crispy and tender textures, along with the zesty sauce, made for an utterly satisfying dish. The dish comes with a side of salad too.

Ground Eatery

Ground Eatery

Look at how succulent the chicken appears.
Ground Eatery

What makes the deal even sweeter is that this delightful meal is priced at only RM17.90+, and it includes an hot or iced lemon tea. This has to be one of the best lunch deals in town, offering exceptional value for such a scrumptious and fulfilling dining experience.

Jen had her usual Grilled Mackerel Kabayaki with Rice which is priced at RM17.90. It's her comfort food here. Consistent and dependable. It is usually topped with a Teriyaki sauce but she wanted to have hers without.
Grilled Mackerel

Ground Eatery rarely fails to satisfy me. The Chicken Nanban is certainly no exception. Whether you're a fan of their classic Hainanese Chicken Chop or Grilled Mackerel Rice or looking to try something new, their weekday set lunch options are certainly worth exploring.

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