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Hawksmoor NYC Fillet Ribeye

Post by Chiefeater Luke Soon

A prime British establishment, Hawksmoor NYC is a steakhouse not to be missed in New York City. Sting's Englishman in New York was playing in my head as I walked through the main door. Sure, almost half the meat offerings are exorbitant large-format affairs, but the budget-friendly lamb T-bones and beef rumps easily rank among the city’s best new steaks.
Hawksmoor NYC

In fact, when you consider the unusually accessible lobster option at Hawksmoor NYC, there’s perhaps no other chophouse in the city serving a better and more fairly priced surf and turf.

If only one could speak as highly of the pricier items. During my first visit in November 2023, I sidled up to the bar and treated myself to a USD65 ribeye. The 14-ounce cut, didn't disappoint. I’d say it’s best 3 of my Beefboy Club’s global ranking.

I’ve been indulging - searching for top chop houses or steakhouses in every city that Ive been visiting.

We’ve all heard about the New York striploin, a cut popularised this city that never sleeps. And surely, the flatirons. I could not decide between Hawksmoor and Gallaghers (the other high-end charcoal steakhouse). But I’m glad I chose Hawksmoor. The service was impeccable - they thought I was English (must be the non American twang - and our habit of pronouncing Ts and proper enunciation of words really.
Hawksmoor NYC

The server recommended house cocktails - Earl of Houston and Shakey Pete. Infused Sipsmith Gin with Earl Grey tea and then combine it with cold brew Earl Grey, Italicus. lemon juice and honey.
Hawksmoor NYC

I was just one pax, so decided on 2 starters - oysters and roasted scallops. The oysters were done 3 ways: freshly shucked, vinegar and with bone marrow topping.


With Vinegar

The bone marrow topping was sublime. No other words to describe it. Tantalising and bold flavours - albeit overpowering if one had to appreciate oysters

Charcoal Roasted Scallops with white port and garlic was sublime. The port making it sweet and it was seared to perfection. The garlic caramelised well together with the port. Gave me a natural high.

But I am in a steakhouse and it’s all about boeufy goodness. I wanted the chateaubriand but the server said it was too much for 1 pax and recommended the top cut = 14 oz fillet ribeye. Perfect choice - most succulent cut (for those uninitaied - pls check out choice beef cuts from rump to sirloin to skirt and of course rib eyes).

For sauce, I went with the peppercorn. This was my usual go to vs bearnaise and the very tempting bone marrow sauce. I felt bone marrow with oysters would suffice and wanted to sample another spectrum of flavours for my palate - so peppercorn.

As with choice cuts, and to respect the chef - I went with medium, eventually opting for medium rare. I still contemplate if I should have gone medium instead but I was rewarded with succulence and balance at the same time.

For sides, I chose roasted mushrooms and carrots. OMG, this is the first time I’m having these varietal of carrots (short and stumpy) but it was heavenly. This coming from someone who has been grilling vegetables for years!

The vegetables were basted in beef oils I suspect - and the usual herbs. Perfection - I wanted to congratulate the chef.

The mushrooms were also stellar. How side dishes are done are a testament to any steak chef. It’s easy to just focus on the meat, but clear skills needed to be had to deliver the last mile (sides). There’s joy in that for any steak lover worth his/her salt.

I came in for a 1 pm, and almost had the place to myself. The place was screaming British vibes, understated elegance - the dome structure for a roof meant ample sunlight with sun danced, kissed and glistened steaks. The furniture reminded me of old Banks in England, greenish hued leather.

The Price and Verdict

Total about $275 for 1 pax including tips. But then again I’m not the ‘usual’ one pax. I asked them to give me the best they’ve got. And Hawksmoor NYC delivered. Highly recommended

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