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Imperial Treasure Cantonese Cuisine Soon Hock

Post by Chiefeater Luke Soon

Imperial Treasure Cantonese Cuisine is one of the best deep fried soon hocks in Singapore. It’s got to do with the HK soya sauce they use; the chef won’t reveal the brand but does a monthly rendezvous in HK to stock up.

The carrot cake is purist and true to HK flavours - yes we have all had the XO versions, with lots of condiments like fried shrimps on top. I prefer this HK version, paired with home made chilli oil.

This original char-leong is the original push cart HK version; we usually go for their pimped up version with prawns called kam mong charleong or golden net charleong. Today we went OG and paired the charleong with their home made peanut sauce. Divine. For the uninitiated, Charleong is just youtiao wrapped in cheecheongfun. Trust the Hongkies to innovate their dimsum offerings - this dish is relatively ‘new’ with less than 2 decades of history.

I don’t see it being served much in local dim sum eateries - you know Malaysia/Sg has many local (delicious) home made dim sum shops especially in the suburbs. Cheaper alternatives really and good for a neighbourhood fix. But not me - being purist, dim sum should be made by HK chefs and pushed out fresh in carts. And while Imperial Treasure doesn’t have them push cart - I’ve been known to send back food especially dim sum. The simpler the food, the higher the level of mastery required of the chef. Cantonese cuisine embodies this.

The Cantonese are obsessed with soups - so this place offers the very best . Except if you home cooked it over slow/charcoal fire yourself. Today's soup of the day (Sunday) is green radish, carrots and pork. Actually, for my daughter that’s the actual meal itself - with rice.

Business Hours
Monday to Friday
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11:00 am to 03:00 pm
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Sunday & Public Holiday
10:30 am to 03:00 pm
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