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Laomazi Kopitiam New Opening

Post by Chiefeater Tai Carol

Remember Omami Johor Jaya? It is back as Laomazi Kopitiam, an old-style coffee shop. The shop reopened in July 2023. The new shop is located at the corner and is quite spacious. There are both indoor and outdoor seating areas. The food selection here is still so diverse, with a variety of choices on the menu at affordable prices! This place is perfect for dining with the whole family.

If you are familiar with Omami's food, you must know about the "Pocket Sandwich," which is their specialty (a must-try).

Their menu items include:
Butter Kaya Toast, Egg Mayo, French Toast, Fried Chicken Leg with Nasi Lemak, Otak Meesiam, Silky White Chicken with Hainanese Chicken Rice, Large Prawn Chicken Shredded Hor Fun, Singapore Fried Prawn Noodles, Hometown Fried Rice with Chicken, Indian Curry Pancake, Mongolian Chicken Rice, Luncheon Meat Fried Rice, Fresh Red Snapper Slices Seafood Congee, Pan-Fried Chicken Cutlet and Egg, Handmade Milk Custard Sandwich, Garlic Mushroom Spaghetti, Bulletproof Ice White Coffee, Kopi O, Three-Layer Milk Tea, Hot Milk Tea.

Vegetarian Menu Selection
Olive Vegetable Fried Rice,Vegetarian Meat Fried Vermicelli, and more.

These are all the recommended dishes I must try according to the shop. Laomazi Kopitiam were previously located at the corner next to Lawson.

Laomazi Kopitiam

Laomazi Kopitiam

Laomazi Kopitiam

!Omami Johor Jaya 回来了 !
老妈子咖啡馆 Laomazi Kopitiam
还记得Omami Johor Jaya吗 ?
挥别了一段时日 . 店家重新以
【老妈子咖啡馆】回归了 !!
店家刚刚重新开业1个月左右 🎈
新店面位于角头 . 空间蛮宽敞
~ 有室内 及 户外的用餐空间 ~
这里的食物依然那么丰富 🥘
Butter Kaya 烤面包 . Egg Mayo .
法兰西吐司 ♨️ 炸鸡腿椰浆饭 .
Otak Meesiam . 香滑白斩鸡海南
鸡饭 . 大虾鸡丝河粉 🦐 新加坡炒
虾面 . 鸡块家乡炒饭 . 咖喱鸡印度
煎饼 . 蒙古鸡丁饭 . 午餐肉炒饭 .
新鲜红绸鱼片海鲜粥 ♨️ 煎鸡扒蛋
手作牛奶士司三文治 🥪 藤菇蒜香
意大利面 . 防弹冰白咖啡 . Kopi O .
三色奶茶 .热奶茶【素食系列 🥬 】
橄榄菜炒饭 . 素肉炒米粉等等
老妈子咖啡馆 Laomazi Kopitiam
No 32, Jalan Dedap 20, Taman
Johor Jaya , 81100 Johor Bahru
7.30am - 6.30pm ( DAILY )

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Business Hours
Opens Daily
07:30 am - 06:30 pm

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