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Red Kettle Starling Mall Chargilled Garlic Chicken

Post by Chiefeater VK

I was catching up with a friend (a lazy foodie who refuses to submit any reviews) for lunch. We decided to meet at Red Kettle Startling Mall. It was a toss up between having the chicken chop or the grilled chicken but I decided against the former.

The Chargrilled Garlic Chicken (RM33.90++) is a marinated Chicken Maryland that’s placed on top of a mound roasted vegetables, bulgur, quinoa, chickpeas, cherry tomatoes, olives, herb & blueberry tahini yogurt.

Wait! WTH is Bulgur?

Bulgur is a cereal food made from whole wheat partially boiled then dried, eaten especially in Turkey. It is an edible cereal grain made from dried, cracked wheat. When cooked, it has a chewy consistency similar to couscous or quinoa. It is a whole grain, full of fibre and nutrients.

The chicken it self is doused with a brown sauce that made it look like an Ayam Percik. The combination of flavours was unfamiliar to me and I can’t say that I took to it. I think if you have a Mediterranean leaning palate, you might find this appealing. I think I should have stuck to the chicken chop. But hey, I put this under the palate exploration folder and discover what I like or don’t. There were other items at Red Kettle Starling Mall that I think I want to try for a future visit.
Red Kettle Starling Mall

Red Kettle Starling Mall

For example, the lazy foodie’s Sausage Pasta (RM22.90++) looked and tasted good. The dish uses bucatini complemented with a homemade pork sausage, homemade tomato sauce & herb. You can have this spicy or non-spicy. Lazy foodie had it spicy. I had a bite of it and it tasted really good. He made a good pick at Red Kettle Starling Mall.
Red Kettle Starling Mall

Bucatini is an Italian pasta consisting of long, narrow tubes made of durum wheat flour. It is typically used in dishes that are similar to recipes calling for spaghetti². Because the pasta is hollow, it is extruded through a machine rather than rolled. The name originates from the Italian word buco, meaning “hole”. Not dissimilar to a macaroni, though macaroni are supposedly shorter tubes.

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