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Manzanita Pâtisserie & Boulangerie Paradigm Mall JB New Opening

Post by Chiefeater Tai Carol

Manzanita Pâtisserie & Boulangerie Paradigm Mall JB opened in mid August 2023.
🔥 10% discount on whole cakes
🔥 New opening promotion - Buy 5 bread, get 1 free
🔥 Promotion valid until 31/08/2023

The new branch, opened in August, comes with lots of promotions. Buy 5 bread and get 1 free, plus a 10% discount on whole cakes. The dining environment of the new branch is incredibly beautiful .
And they have introduced an entirely new menu with new dishes. They offer desserts, bread and toasts, main courses, and beverages. There are over dozens of dessert choices alone,
and the French desserts here are delicious and consistent .

Recently, they've introduced new dishes.
I recommend trying the Poached Egg with Bacon, Signature Quesadilla, Creamy Garlic Tuscan Salmon (the salmon is fresh and comes with an exclusive sauce), and Japanese Curry Rice Bowl (their signature Japanese curry is tasty).

Other Signature Recommendations are the Signature Mushroom Soup, Spicy Prawn Aglio Olio (made with freshly fried fish), Manzanita Famous Fish & Chips.

New Beverage Items
Creamy Lemonade Chill, Refreshing Apple Iced Tea.

Coffee Selection
Hot Cappuccino, Iced Matcha Latte.

French Desserts
Passion Fruit Meringue Tart, Fresh Mango Tart, Raspberry Chocolate Mousse, Earl Grey Mousses with Red Velvet.

Kaya Butter Croissant (all of them are delicious).

My favorites are the Earl Grey Mousses with Red Velvet and the Signature Kaya Croissant (Kaya is aromatic). I love the food, desserts, and dining atmosphere here.

Manzanita Pâtisserie & Boulangerie Paradigm Mall JB

Manzanita Pâtisserie & Boulangerie Paradigm Mall JB

Manzanita Pâtisserie & Boulangerie Paradigm Mall JB

!Paradigm Mall 开了家新店 !
Manzanita Pâtisserie & Boulangerie - Paradigm Mall JB
🔥 整粒蛋糕折扣 10%
🔥 新张优惠 - 面包买5送1
🔥 优惠至 31/08/2023
进驻到了 Paradigm Mall 啦 !
🎊 上个星期我就来到了新分店
店家刚刚开业大约1个星期左右 🎈
新分店【8月开张】很多的优惠 🎊
这里售卖甜点 / 面包吐司 / 主食饮料
这里的法式甜点好吃 🚫 不踩雷 🚫
👉 最近推出了新品菜肴 . 推荐你来
尝尝看【新品】Poached Egg with Bacon . Signature Quesadilla 🍕Creamy Garlic
Tuscan Salmon(这道真的好吃啊!新鲜
的三文鱼搭配独家酱汁)🥘 Japanese
Curry Rice Bowl(延续其招牌Recipe
Signature Mushroom Soup . Spicy Prawn
Aglio Olio 🦐 (用新鲜鱼现炸的) Manzanita
Famous Fish & Chips【新品饮料】Creamy
Lemonade Chill . Refreshing Apple Iced Tea 🍏
【咖啡系列】Hot Cappuccino . Iced Matcha
Latte【法式甜点】Passion Fruit Meringue
Tart . Fresh Mango Tart . Raspberry Chocolate
Mousse . Earl Grey Mousses with Red Velvet
【可颂】Kaya Butter Croissant(都好好吃)
* 我最喜欢 Earl Grey Mousses with Red Velvet
* Signature Kaya Croissant(Kaya很香)
【 我喜欢这里的食物甜点及用餐环境 💕】

Business Hours
Opens Daily
10:00 am - 10:00 pm

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Prices in RM
RM20 - RM50 per pax


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