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The Museum Starling Mall Glass Noodles

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Stepping into The Museum Starling Mall for lunch at about 1 pm, I was filled with eager anticipation, drawn by the promise of tantalizing flavors based on the reputation of their Char Siew and Roast Pork. It is reputed to be the best from Ipoh and here's their poster of it.

I eagerly placed my order, envisioning a feast fit for royalty. However, what transpired turned out to be a tale of lows and then highs.

As the much-anticipated platter arrived at the table, my initial excitement quickly waned as I beheld a sight that fell short of the culinary masterpiece depicted in the restaurant's promotional images. The glorious roast pork and char siew, which had been portrayed being served on a wicker basket, now lay before me looking lackluster and uninspiring on a flat plate. To compound matters, the dish was served cold, robbing it of the warmth and freshness that are essential to elevating its flavours to their full potential. The flavours could not save the coldness of the dish.
The Museum Starling Mall

The Museum Starling Mall

However, amidst the disappointment, there emerged a shining beacon of hope in the form of the glass noodles that Jen ordered. Unlike the pork platter, the glass noodles proved to be a revelation, offering a burst of flavour and a comforting warmth that provided much needed respite from the disappointment of the main dish. Well-seasoned and expertly prepared, the glass noodles served as a saving grace, reminding me of the potential for culinary excellence that lay within the kitchen at The Museum Starling Mall.
The Museum Starling Mall

The Museum Starling Mall

The pork platter was RM43++ and the glass noodles was RM18++. A pretty penny to pay indeed. If it all hit the right notes, I might have said it was worth it.

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