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Yuan Feng Hainam Kopitiam Mala Wantan Mee

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I had been observing Chiefeater Hedges Liang enjoying a Mala version of Wantan Mee and wondered how it would taste. When I saw it that day at Yuan Feng Hainam Kopitiam, I decided to give it a try to determine for myself.

Don't let the colour of the noodles fool you. The Mala Wantan Mee (RM9) offered a tantalizing blend of flavours and spice that left a warm, lingering burn in the stomach—an experience that fans of spicy cuisine often savour. The bold use of Mala seasoning added a layer of complexity to the dish, contributing to its overall appeal.
Yuan Feng Hainam Kopitiam

One minor adjustment that could enhance the experience was the texture of the noodles. While enjoyable, they could have been firmer for a more satisfying bite. It's worth noting that should I return, I would consider asking the cook to prepare them for a shorter duration to achieve the desired level of firmness.

The wantan, though flavourful, was perhaps a tad small. Larger portions or more generously filled wantan could have elevated the dish even further. The char siew falls on the lean side. If that's how you like your char siew then you should like this. I have a preference for a fatter cut which made this less appealing for me.
Yuan Feng Hainam Kopitiam

Close Up
Yuan Feng Hainam Kopitiam

Menu & Pricing

Lala Noodle - RM11

Fresh Shrimp Wantan Noodle
(S) RM11 (M) RM11.50 (B) RM12

Char Siew Wantan Noodle
(S) RM8 (M) RM8.50 (B) RM9

Wantan Noodle
(S) RM8 (M) RM8.50 (B) RM9

Braised Chicken Feet w/ Mushroom Wantan Noodle
(S) RM9 (M) RM9.50 (B) RM10

Mala Wantan Noodle
(S) RM9 (M) RM9.50 (B) RM10

Seaweed Wantan Skin - RM5

Char Siew - RM3
Fresh Shrimp Wantan - RM5
Wantan - RM3
Braised Chicken Feet w/ Mushroom - RM3

Editor's Note
The Point on Google for Yuan Feng Hainam Kopitiam is located on the wrong street eventhough their address is correct

Business Hours
Monday to Saturday
07:00 am to 02:00 pm

Closed on Sunday

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Prices in RM
Under RM20 per pax


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