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Four Points By Sheraton Chinatown CNY Buffet

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As the Lunar New Year approaches, Four Points By Sheraton Chinatown, Kuala Lumpur, is set to host a vibrant and indulgent celebration called "Dance with the Dragon." Running from January 27 to February 14, 2024, head to Chinatown with your loved ones to experience the festive atmosphere through a series of enticing promotions and delicious offerings, commemorating tradition and prosperity.

Golden Prosperity Yee Sang:
Indulge in the exquisite traditional flavors of the Golden Prosperity Yee Sang. This symbolically significant dish is filled with auspicious ingredients, including red and white radishes, pomelo, pickled cucumber, and more, harmoniously blending various tastes to represent good luck and abundance. Half portion is priced at RM118+, and the whole portion is RM188+. Additional toppings such as chicken floss and crispy soft-shell crab are available.

Quan’s Kitchen Abundance Blessings Buffet (RM158+):
Enjoy a lavish feast during the Abundance Blessings Buffet available from Monday to Saturday for the Harmony Reunion Dinner and the Sumptuous Lunch on Sundays. Don't miss the special Chinese New Year Prosperity Harvest Celebration Lunch on the first and second day of the Lunar New Year, elevating the festive feast to new heights.

Harmony Reunion Dinner
Dinner: 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm
Special dates: 27/1 & 29/1~3/2 & 5/2~9/2 (Chinese New Year's Eve)
Sumptuous Lunch on Sundays

Lunch: 12:30 pm to 3:00 pk
Special dates: 28/1 & 4/2
Chinese New Year Prosperity Harvest Celebration Lunch

Lunch: 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm
Special dates: 10/2 (CNY Day 1) & 11/2 (CNY Day 2)
Jann's Prosperity Cocktails:
Step into the story of the Wooden Dragon and enjoy crafted cocktails. Taste the Prosperity cocktail made with Chivas 12, citrus, chocolate, and ginger ale, or choose the Auspicious Mixed Cocktails featuring jerky, longan, and more. These Chinatown-style drinks are priced at RM38+ per cocktail or RM100+ for three flavors.

Madam Kwan's Red Lantern Radiance Afternoon Tea (RM168+):
For an exquisite celebration, head to Madam Kwan's Tea House for the Red Lantern Radiance Afternoon Tea. Priced at RM168+ for two persons, immerse yourself in the symphony of delicate teas and exquisite snacks, allowing you to bask in the warmth and elegance of the season.

For more details or reservations, contact via WhatsApp button below

Enjoy a 10% discount for online orders at using the promo code "DRAGON10."

Specific bank credit cardholders can avail a 20% discount, subject to terms and conditions. Visit for the electronic brochure and information on the upcoming grand celebration.

Original Chinese Text
Four Point By Sheraton Chinatown |吉隆坡唐人街喜来登酒店农历新年自助餐& 金富贵鱼生
随着农历新年的临近,吉隆坡唐人街喜来登酒店将举办一场充满活力和放纵的庆祝活动“与龙共舞”。通过一系列诱人的促销活动和美味的产品来欢庆节日的气氛,以纪念传统和繁荣。 2024年1月27日至2月14日,你与您所爱的人一起前往唐人街体验节日活动。

尽情享受金富贵鱼生的精致传统风味。这道具有象征意义的菜肴充满了吉祥的食材,包括红白萝卜,柚子,腌黄瓜等,和谐地融合了各种口味,代表着好运和丰盛。半份为 RM118+,整份为 RM188,还可以选择添加鸡肉肉干和脆皮软壳蟹等附加料。

Quan’s Kitchen 的丰盛祝福自助餐,周一至周六的和谐团圆晚宴以及周日丰盛午餐期间供应的丰盛美食。也不要错过大年初一和二,举行的农历新年幸福丰收庆祝午餐,将节日盛宴推向高潮。
【丰盛祝福自助餐 RM158+】

特别日期:27/1 & 29/1~3/2 & 5/2~9/2(除夕夜)

特别日期:28/1 & 4/2

午餐:12.30pm- 3:00pm
特别日期:10/2 (大年初一) & 11/2 (大年初二)
走进 Jann

木龙的故事,尽情享受木龙传说。。这是一系列精心调制的鸡尾酒,品尝由芝华士 12 年,柑橘,巧克力和姜汁汽水混合而成的 Prosperity 鸡尾酒,或者选择以肉干、龙眼等为特色的 Auspicious 混合鸡尾酒。这款财富鸡尾酒加入了金橘和菊花,预示着新的一年吉祥如意。每份鸡尾酒只需 RM38+,三种口味只需 RM100+,即可享用这些唐人街风格的饮品。

若想体验精致的庆祝活动,请前往易夫人茶馆体验红灯笼光辉下午茶。两人份价格为 RM168+,沉浸在精致的茶和精美的小吃的交响乐中,让您沉浸在季节的温暖和优雅中。

通过 在线订购可享受 10% 折扣,使用Promo代码“DRAGON10”。

特定银行信用卡持有者可享受 20% 的折扣,但须遵守条款和条件。
请访问 浏览电子手册,了解即将举行的盛大庆典。

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