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Welcome to the list of Best Eats in Lebuh Campbell. Named after Sir George William Robert Campbell, the Lieutenant-Governor of Penang in the mid-19th century, was once a hub for affluent Eurasians and the Armenian community. Lebuh Campbell boasts an array of elegant shophouses that reflect the colonial grandeur of the past. The ornate facades and intricate detailing on these structures stand as a testament to the architectural opulence that defined this area.

Today, Lebuh Campbell is a living heritage site, offering glimpses into Penang’s cultural evolution. The street retains its historical charm, with cafes, art spaces, and boutique shops blending seamlessly with the antique ambiance. As you stroll along Lebuh Campbell, the whispers of the past intertwine with the contemporary vibrancy, creating a unique tapestry that invites exploration into Georgetown’s historical richness. This list includes eateries on Jalan Buckingham as well.

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