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Le Marche Chili Garlic Gambas

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I was at TRX during lunch and decided to give Le Marche a try. I decided to order a Chili Garlic Gambas. As the dish arrived at my table, adorned with plump looking prawns bathed in a fragrant chili and garlic-infused sauce, I eagerly anticipated the burst of flavours that awaited me.
Le Marche

With great anticipation, I indulged in the first bite, eagerly awaiting the exquisite taste of the prawns—those prized jewels of the sea renowned for their delicate sweetness and succulent texture. However, much to my disappointment, the prawns failed to deliver the flavourful punch I had anticipated. While the texture was passable, it lacked the distinctive taste that sets prawns apart — the delicate balance of sweetness and brininess that is the hallmark of these coveted crustaceans.

Instead, my palate was greeted by an overwhelming onslaught of chili and garlic, overpowering any semblance of prawn flavour that may have been present. While the bold flavours of chili and garlic certainly made a statement, they overshadowed the subtle nuances of the prawns, leaving me yearning for a more balanced and harmonious flavour profile.
Le Marche

Furthermore, the accompaniment of pita, a staple of Mediterranean cuisine, failed to live up to expectations. It fell short of the mark with its thin and crumbly texture. Instead of providing a satisfying contrast to the bold flavours of the gambas, the lacklustre pita served as a mere vessel for the sauce, unable to hold its own against the robust flavours of the dish.

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